This area consists of five separate pools, which range from 70°C to 110°C with depths from 5m to 15m.
This area shows clearly that Hells Gate in Rotorua is very active! Hells Gate asks visitors not to throw any stones into the pools as these can block the vents and can cause an eruption in the pathways as pressure builds up.

It is believed that Ruamoko the God of Volcanic Activity, watches over the thermal park and if a visitor does something detrimental to the park, then that visitor will experience some bad luck - the severity and length of how long the bad luck lasts is dependant on what was done by the visitor.

The thermal park here at Hells Gate is different from the other thermal reserves in the Rotorua area, as its heat source is only 1km below the surface whereas the other thermal parks heat source is approximately 5-6 km under the surface.

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You look at the hot pools in this area and throughout the thermal park the pools are physically very close to each other but have different temperatures and colours. Lydia Doe

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