Mud Bath Spa

Mud Bath Spa

The Mud Bath and Spa Complex at Hells Gate, Rotorua completely redefines the Mud Bath and Spa Experience. Overlooking New Zealand’s spectacular geothermal scenery, you’ll love the Hells Gate Mud Bath and Spa Complex, which is a beautifully landscaped setting with native planting.

Hells Gate now offers a ‘Twilight Spa’ which allows evening bathing under the stars until 10pm.

You’ll find:

3 semi-private geothermal mud baths (one family mud bath, and two 3-people mud baths)

3 sulphurous spas overlooking the Hells Gate geothermal reserve. This area is more public and open, however many people choose to bathe on this side due to the amazing view of geothermal activity that can be seen while bathing.

1 large geothermal mud bath which can easily cater for 12 or more people 1 medium sized geothermal mud bath capable of catering for 8 people and 1 small geothermal mud bath catering for up to 4 people collectively known as 'Poutamu' - the stairway to heaven'.

Waterfall - Take a cool plunge in a spring fed waterfall to refresh and cool off.

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You look at the hot pools in this area and throughout the thermal park the pools are physically very close to each other but have different temperatures and colours. Lydia Doe

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