Mud Volcano

Mud Volcano

This is the only example of a mud volcano in a thermal park in New Zealand!

The mud volcano here is also unique in that normally mud formations are only 9.m in height whereas the volcano here is already over 1.8m and looking to get taller.

From a volcanic perspective the shape of the mud volcano is that of a composite cone similar to three volcanoes in the middle of the North Island. Instead of lava the mud volcano regularly discharges mud lahars or ejects mud similar to lava bombs.

Every six weeks or so the top of the volcano goes hard and over a two to three day period pressure builds up which causes the top mud layer to erupt over a 5m wide diameter. Thankfully almost all of these eruptions take place at night.


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You look at the hot pools in this area and throughout the thermal park the pools are physically very close to each other but have different temperatures and colours. Lydia Doe


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