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Ingredients of ALITE MUD SPA PRODUCTS include the geothermal muds & waters of HELLS GATE

The unique geothermal muds and waters of Rotorua are renown for their curative and invigoriating properties – and this is particularly so at “Hells Gate”  - Rotorua’s most active geothermal reserve. For more than seven hundred years “Hells Gate” or Tikitere as it is known to the Maori – New Zealand’s indigenous people – has been a special place of wellness from the medicinal sulphur lake to the curative waters and muds of “Hurutini”. With the arrival of the  Europeans some two hundred years ago the special qualities of the muds and waters of “Hells Gate”, Tikitere have been sought after with many documented and medically certified cures being effected.


These special qualities are retained in “Hells Gate” mud which is a very fine suspension in the mineral enriched geothermal waters of the “Hurutini” pool.

This mineral enriched geothermal mud provides an excellent source of minerals including silica, alumina, magnesium, calcium, iron, titanium, sulphur, phosphorous, sodium and potassium as well as trace elements such as copper, zinc, selenmium, cobalt, manganese and molylodeman.


Additional properties of “Hells Gate” muds include:

  • Very strong affinity to moisture in the skin making it an excellent product for       promoting regenerating skin cells.
  • Detoxifying and purifying action of the mud on the skin when drying.
  • Highly active clay surfaces of the mud that easily absorbs excess oils and fatty   secretions from within the skin’s pores.
  • Bacteriacidal properties of the mud through it’s sulphur content which kill bacteria          and assists in the prevention and elimination of acne.

“Hells Gate” muds has been combined with some of New Zealand’s world renown essences – in particular Manuka Oil (tea tree oil) , Manuka Honey and New Zealand milk – into nine unique high quality spa products. This unique range known as “Alite” has been lightly perfumed by the extract of a rose first grown at “Hells Gate”  one hundred and sixty two years ago and is still growing wild in the thermal reserve today.


Mud Glorious Mud


“Hells Gate” Thermal Reserve is the only geothermal reserve in New Zealand which continually produces geothermal mud.This mud is held in suspension in the geothermal water which is precipitated out and collected for use.


This finest of muds is ultilised on site  at the New Zealand WaiOra Spa and Wellness Centre – New Zealand’s only mud bath spa complex. Here visitors can enjoy the unique experience of bathing in a geothermal mud bath containing up to 100kgs of mud in both a solid and solution form maintained at a temperature of 40 degrees celcius.


The immediate effects associated with the mud baths is that the skin is deep cleansed as the skin’s pores open up allowing the natural ingredients to penetrate rendering the skin very soft and smooth to touch. This process continues for up to a day and a half after the mud bath experience with the skin becoming softer and smoother.


Other effects  include increased blood circulation and a sense of overall well being. A spa experience that truly refreshes and revitalises the mind and body.


This same mud used in the mud baths forms the basis of the unique “Alite”  spa product range with the exception of the massage oil. Making the unique “mud” spa experience available in your home.


Manuka Oil


The Manuka tree is New Zealand’s native Ti Tree and is found throughout the North and South Islands but is more predominant in the north. Manuka oil, unlike its Australian relative from which most of the world’s Ti Tree Oil is derived, has a high content of cyclic triketones which makes it between 20 and 30 times more active in its antibacterial action. This antibacterial action together with its anti-inflammatory properties and suitability for even sensitive skins adds to the effectiveness of the “Alite” range of Spa Products.


Manuka Honey


Manuka honey is obtained from the Manuka tree which grows in the pollution free native forests of New Zealand. Like all honey it contains an enzyme which gives it its antiseptic properties however Manuka honey has an extra ingredient known as the Unique Manuka  Factor which makes it more active. This special quality along with the skin -  softening and moisturising characteristics of the honey brings out the harmonising,healing and calming properties to the “Alite” Spa product range.


New Zealand Milk


The beautifying qualities of milk have been knowm for centuries and was a favourite therapy for the celebrated Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. This natural emulsion of oil droplets suspended in the watery solution known as whey, is a natural cleanser which nourishes and moisturises to leave skin silky smooth. Milk from New Zealand is a full cream milk that is produced from dairy herds that are grass fed on the lush green rolling pastures that New Zealand is world renown for. This milk combined with our Hells Gate mud, Manuka oil and honey forms the basis of the luxurious Milk, Honey and Mud soap in the “Alite” Spa product range.


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