Mud, mud and more glorious geothermal mud will be flying everywhere at the Hells Gate Rotorua Mud Rugby launching 17, 18 & 19 June 2017.

Dig your toes in for the mud tug of war, play mud rugby, show us your art skills with colourful mud rugby jersey body painting, enter mud orienteering to win one of the spot prizes, or just sit back and relax letting the rejuvenating properties of the world renowned geothermal mud rejuvenate your skin!

At the same time check out the surroundings you’re in at Hells Gate – NZ’s most active geothermal reserve!

Mud Rugby Tournament

What is more fun than playing rugby? …playing MUD rugby in geothermal mud! Four aside rugby teams go head to head in a single elimination tournament to find the ultimate Mud Rugby Champion Team for 2017. If regular rugby is just not tough enough for you then you need to enter this event!

Mud Tug of War

Test your team’s strength with this sudden death elimination tug of war competition – with a difference!  Teams will be drawn and go head to head, winning team will defend their place against the next team until we are left with one ultimate mud tug of war champion team.

Ta Moko Face Painting

Show us that Warrior spirit! Get your own Ta Moko face tattoo- conveniently done in removable face paint.

Other options

Hells Gate Mud Bath and Spa

Hells Gate Mud Baths and Spas will be operating as per normal so come along and warm up in the geothermal waters.

Hangi Lunches:

Geothermal steamed cooked hangi lunches will be available from 12pm onwards. Hangis’ consisting of chicken, lamb, potatoes, kumara, pumpkin, stuffing, corn and other veggies. Also includes steamed pudding for dessert!

Cooking Pool Food Tasting:

Tantalise your tastebuds with food cooked in the natural thermal hot pools of Hells Gate Geothermal Park. The Hells Gate Cooking Pool has a constant temperature of 98 degrees Celsius. Although smelling of the geothermal gases and dark in colour this does not linger or taint the food, instead the natural minerals soften and sweeten the food as it cooks. A selection of food such as sweet corn, free range eggs, tiger prawns and New Zealand mussels can be cooked in the geothermal pool, each in their own separate kete basket. The unique and fresh flavour of food cooked in by this traditional method is an experience in itself.