State Highway 30, Tikitere, Rotorua, New Zealand. Ph:+64 7 345 3151
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Hells Gate geothermal Mud

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The unique geothermal muds and waters of Rotorua are renown for their curative and invigorating properties—and this is particularly so at “Hells Gate” - Rotorua’s most active thermal park.  For more than 700 years “Hells Gate” or Tikitere as it is known to the Maori (New Zealand’s indigenous people) has been a special place of wellness from the medicinal sulphur lake to the curative waters and muds of “Hurutini” (name of a geothermal pool).  With the arrival of the Europeans to  New Zealand (Aotearoa) some 150 years ago, the special qualities of the geothermal muds and sulphur waters of Hells Gate Geothermal Park Tikitere, have been sought after with many documented and medically certified cures being effected.

The special geothermal muds and sulphurous waters have been guarded for centuries by the Kaitiaki - ’Wai Ora’ (guardian warrior) after whom the spa is dedicated.
Additional properties of “Hells Gate”  geothermal muds include:

  • Very strong affinity to moisture in the skin making it an excellent product for promoting regenerating skin cells.
  • Detoxifying and purifying action of the mud on the skin when drying.
  • Highly active clay surfaces of the mud that easily absorbs excess oils and fatty secretions from within the skin’s pores.
  • Bactericidal properties of the geothermal mud through it’s sulphur content which kill bacteria and assists in the prevention and elimination of acne.

There are special qualities retained in “Hells Gate”  geothermal mud which is a very fine suspension in the mineral enriched geothermal waters of the “Hurutini” pool.  This mineral enriched geothermal mud provides an excellent source of minerals including silica, alumina, magnesium, calcium, iron, titanium, sulphur, phosphorous, sodium and potassium as well as trace elements such as copper, zinc, selenium, cobalt, manganese and molybdenum.



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