General operating hours (until 30th September 2024): Open daily from 10:00am – 6:00pm.

• Hell’s Gate Geothermal Walk – 4:00pm

• Hell’s Gate Mud Bath & Spas – 4:30pm

• The Hell’s Gate Experience – 3:30pm

Open: 5:00pm – 8:00pm.

Available only on Friday and Saturday

Last entry at 6:30pm

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Book online now to avoid disappointment. We may look to extend our hours subject to demand, so watch this space.

General Information.

Hell’s Gate is the most active geothermal park in New Zealand and home to its only mud spa. Due to the composition of the geothermal system, our muds and waters found at Hell’s Gate have unique healing properties only found here!

Hell’s Gate provides a complimentary shuttle pick-up and drop-off, available from within the Rotorua central area. Bookings are essential, phone +64 (0)7 345 3151 or add to your booking at check out.

Pick-up Rotorua 9:50am, Depart Hell’s Gate 1:30pm

Pick-up Rotorua 1:50pm, Depart Hell’s Gate 5:30pm

Please note when booking a shuttle pick-up, you are automatically booked onto the scheduled return.

We recommend that you book your experiences or packages in advance to avoid disappointment. You can book by telephone, using our website, or by contacting us via email [email protected].

We have plenty of parking available for both car and campervans that wish to park. We are located at 351 State Highway 30, Tikitere, Rotorua. Often it is best if you put ‘Hell’s Gate’ into Google Maps.

This will only add to your experience; the reserve has a noticeable increase in activity and steam during the rain. Bring your own jacket or purchase a poncho, available from the ticketing office. The mud bath and sulphur spas are outside but have shade covers which makes bathing in the rain no problem.

Yes, the spa facility is wheelchair accessible with the appropriate ablutions. The tracks through the geothermal reserve are made with natural stone from the area and therefore we recommend only wheelchairs made for off-road situations accompanied by an experienced helper.


You can bring your own, or alternatively swimsuits, shorts and towels can be hired at reception for $5.00 per item. These items are commercially laundered after each use. We also have a range of swimsuits for sale, subject to availability.

We have a range of changing facilities in our bathing areas, equipped with showers and body wash that can be used during your experience. You will be given a portable container to place your belongings, which can be securely stored in our specially designed hut.

The chemical makeup of our muds and waters will tarnish most jewellery, particularly silver. After bathing, your pores will be releasing minerals for 24 hours and it is our recommendation to leave jewellery off during this time. If jewellery does tarnish it can be easily cleaned, we recommend visiting our friends Rod and Janine at Rotorua Jewellers.

Children are considered those between the ages of 5 – 15. The minimum age for the mud baths is 2.5 years of age, whereas the Sulphur spa is 6 months of age. All children under the age of 15 must be supervised by a caregiver at all times. We recommend that children do not bathe for extended periods of time, and drink water constantly.

It is not our recommendation but is an individual’s choice, if uncertain contact your health professional.

Containers hold 40-60kgs of silky mud collected from the reserve while you bathe in geothermal waters.

After thorough consultation with health professionals and Kaumātua (highly respected elders), a recommendation of 20 minutes per person per day was given for health and safety reasons.

The temperatures range from 37 – 41°C depending on the season and temperature of the day.

After your experience.

Rinse thoroughly at Hell’s Gate and wash separately from any other items with cloudy ammonia in cold water as soon as possible. Allow it to line dry, do not use a dryer. Appropriate washing powder can be purchased from the ticketing office.

There is a possibility with lighter coloured swimsuits, however if you follow the above recommendations you should have no problem.